Who will always have your back…? Andy Muirhead

How best to describe someone who is always there for the team and always willing to lend a hand? That person would be Andy Muirhead. If you need something done with enthusiasm, passion and skill then look no further.

Always willing to put his hand up and volunteer, Andy brings bucket loads of passion and persistence to everything he does. His experience in teamwork and team building has greatly helped the formative process of the RYLA program, helping shape it into what it is today.


Get to know Andy…

  1. If you could take one thing with you and be stranded on an island, what would it be?

Fishing rod, could get some good fishing sessions in

  1. Would you rather read a good book or watch a good TV show? TV Show, not much of a reader
  1. What is your go to road trip song? – Don’t really have the Road trip song but on the recent Road Trip would say Buble was played most by my friend in charge of the music
  2. What would you give up, chocolate or music?
    Music, Some days you just need chocolate
  3. What is your greatest fear? And would you embrace that fear for 12 hours for $1000?

I would say heights but I still do abseil and never let it overcome me too much. But would depend on how I had to live it out for 12 hours

  1. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
    Somehwere close to a good lake and be able to spend weekends wakeboarding
  2. What did you want to be when you were young?
    Besides the usual sports star, really wanted to be a chef
  3. If you could have one superpower what would it be?
    Teleportation, Be able to get around a lot quicker
  4. What motivates you to get up in the morning?
    Catching up with Friends and the random adventures you end up on
  5. If you could go back in time and re do one thing what would it be?

Probably slacking off and not finishing the Uni degree on time. But honestly you learn from the mistakes and I wouldn’t really want to change much

  1. What is the one thing you can’t live without?

The good days out in the boat, wakeboarding or just relaxing

  1. What would you have on your tombstone?
    Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t doing the right thing


What did you expect when you got into the RYLA program (as a participant)?

– Expected the sleepless nights. All my friends I spoke to told me, that the night was pretty much sleepless, as you were making new friends and just spent the nights talking

What’s your favourite RYLA moment (as participant)?

– Favourite RYLA moment was meeting everyone, being able to talk to people I wouldn’t usually talk to outside the program and making lifelong friends.


Learn a bit more about Andy…


Being born and brought up in Berowra, Andrew has always very much involved within his local community though both Scouts which he joined at the early age of 5 years old, Hornsby Gangshow where Andrew has performed on stage doing many different roles, as well as assisted in the lighting design, sport where his main passion is in both Rugby and cricket and finally through Rural Fire Service where Andrew has been brought up the ranks from a junior member to Deputy Captain in his Brigade. While he is still studying a degree in Civil Engineering, he works full time as an Engineer for Lendlease, where he has been working for 4 years on range of projects ranging from Mines, roads and Bulk Earthworks. He also works occasionally on the weekend driving a tender boat on Sydney harbor for a yacht club. In his spare time he has enjoys catching up with his mates whether it’s for a drink down the road, throwing on a bbq at home, going camping and going out on a boat to go waterskiing and fishing.




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