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What is RYLA?

RYLA is a transformational leadership program designed for young adults aged 18-27. Spanning over 7 days, the program combines some of Australia's finest speakers with engaging activities and challenges, as well as a supportive environment that enables your leadership to grow and develop to its full potential. RYLA is run annually, with close to 90 candidates in Elanora Heights, on Sydney's Northern beaches.

Up to 120 candidates are selected for the program. Applicants must be at least 18 years and under 27 years of age at 1 January in the year attending, and have left school for at least one year. In addition applicants must be currently involved, or anticipate being involved, in some form of local community youth leadership. 

RYLA is free to successful candidates – Rotary Clubs or Employers or other organisations sponsor candidates for the RYLA seminar. This includes board and lodging, guest speakers, and a range of indoor and outdoor activities.

This year the RYLA week will run from Sunday 13th January to Saturday 19th January 2019. Rylarians must be able to attend the entire week. 

The RYLA Experience 

RYLA is intensely focused on developing sophisticated and thoughtful leadership. This helps imbue a close community and comradery that is hard to replicate outside of RYLA. This means you will make life-long friends, and gain intangible leadership insights.

Unlike other programs, we also focus on giving you several practical hands-on opportunities to test your leadership in a controlled environment. Our program is unique in the sense that we tie the outcomes to self-improvement through considered reflection. This means that not only will you become a better leader, but you will retain the necessary skills to continue improving your leadership as you move forward in life. 


This RYLA program has been running for over 45 years, and in that time has influenced thousands of young leaders - but don't take our word for it, see what they have to say!

pat"RYLA gives young people the precious gift of one week to focus purely upon themselves, to reflect on their values and their goals, and to begin to realise the truly amazing things they are capable of achieving."

Patrick Mahony

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 23.09.19

"RYLA has given me valuable leadership experience and I learned about how to be a different type of leader when presented with different circumstances and resources. If I hadn’t attended RYLA, I may not have ever joined Rotaract or have the friends I now have across the country and the globe. I recommend every young person to give RYLA a chance and take in everything the program has to offer. You’ll get as much out of it as you put in!"

Christopher Lew

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 23.19.35

"RYLA was a great opportunity to explore my personality, strengths, and abilities as well as challenging my limits all which contributed as a whole after RYLA to make a positive impact in my personal life, building my career and work I do in the community. RYLA helped me identify what kind of leadership skills I have and the type of leader I see myself becoming."

Alanna Juliann

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