Guide to applying

Congratulations on deciding to attend RYLA. Although the application process is very comprehensive, the RYLA experience is well worth the effort. The following instructions will guide you through the application process.

Have you checked whether you are eligible  for RYLA?

The application process

1 - Read through the information

Be sure to read the information about RYLA on this website thoroughly. Make sure you are available for the week in January.

2 - Fill out the RYLA application

You can apply for RYLA online or if you prefer, you can apply directly through a rotary club.

3 - Pair with a local Rotary club

All RYLA candidates are required to be paired with a local Rotary club. This can be the Rotary club that referred you to the program, or you can allow us to refer you to a club on your behalf.

4 - Interview with your club

Your local Rotary club may choose to interview applicants to choose a candidate. If you are required to sit for an interview, you will be notified by the club directly. Some clubs may instead require you to attend a club meeting. 

5 - Acceptance into the program

If you are the successful candidate you will be notified by your sponsoring Rotary club. At this point you will need to block off the week to ensure that you are available for the whole week of RYLA. 

After you are accepted

After you have been accepted into the program, the RYLA team will be in contact with you with information you need about the program. They will also individually call you closer to the week to answer any questions you may have.

It is tradition that each RYLArian is escorted to and from the program by a member of their sponsoring club. Your sponsoring Rotary club will liaise with you in the weeks before RYLA to arrange for your pick up and drop off to the program. 

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