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During the week, RYLA is run by a team of former rylarians know as facilitators. Get to know them below.

RYLA Facilitators

Kiera North

Participating in RYLA 2015 was by far one of the most incredible experiences of my life and expanded both my personal and professional objectives. RYLA’s focus on leadership is multidimensional, encapsulating aspects such as self-growth and realisation that have had such an influence on every aspect of my life. What this program offers is truly amazing and unlike no other, I just couldn’t stay away from something that gave me so much! This is an incredible opportunity for all participants embrace every moment!


Darren Zeng

RYLA is a fantastic opportunity for individuals to develop a strong foundational platform for future personal and professional development. I can definitely say that, the skills I learnt on RYLA continue to assist me to this very day, as I journey through a dynamic world. It is a special opportunity that should not be missed by any individual and I look forward to ensuring others enjoy RYLA as much as I did!

Adam Friedmann

RYLA gives you the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone and develop new skills which will help you in your personal and professional life. You’ll meet some amazing people and have an all-round great experience. My RYLA experience in 2016 was incredible and I look forward to meeting you and ensuring you have a great experience too!


Andrew Muirhead

I am involved with RYLA due to the amazing experience I had as a RYLArian in 2015. Still being involved in RYLA is not only fun, but it also gives me the chance to give back to something that has given me so much, by allowing me to help other people grow and develop through this program.

Sarah Schooley

Being a RYLA participant truly helped me learn about my passions and personal strengths. I applied to be a facilitator to give back to the wonderful program that is RYLA and develop myself as a leader, team member and mentor. My experience at RYLA 2016 was so much fun and I'm here to help you make the most of every moment!

Peter Clemenson_Headshot

Peter Clemenson

I was truly inspired by my week on RYLA in 2017, it opened so many doors and offered me so many valuable lessons which I apply in my everyday life. When the opportunity came up I knew that I wanted to give something back to the RYLA community because of its unique nature! 

Damian Rocca

RYLA was an amazing experience which enabled me to improve myself both personally and professionally! The fabulous content during the week made RYLA incredibly enriching for me, and I would encourage anyone to embrace the opportunity to partake in this rewarding program! 

Damian Headshot
Olivia headshot

Olivia Leal-Walker

After participating in RYLA 2017 I became so hooked to this amazing program that I signed up to come back as a facilitator and give as much back to the program as it gave me! There are so few opportunities in life to explore new opportunities, empower others and engage in self-growth RYLA is the ultimate package and it certainly changed my life! 

Liam Rudevics

RYLA is such a worthwhile program that enabled me to further my own development as a person and as a leader. It is truly amazing how relatable this program is to everyday life. The skills I acquired from participating in RYLA will stay with me forever and have assisted me through my own journey! I cannot wait for others to experience all the fantastic opportunities that RYLA has in store! Get on board, you won't be disappointed! 

Liam Selfie

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