What to expect

RYLA is a mind opening 7-day program aimed at producing Australia's next generation of leaders. You will meet life-changing people, hear inspiring stories and develop skills through challenges and activities designed to put you through your paces.

Each day at RYLA is based around a theme, and consists of several speakers on theory or inspiration from their life experience. The day is balanced out with large-scale activities that allow you to put your leadership into practice.



The program


RYLA has nearly 20 speakers throughout the week. The speakers on the week come from all walks of life and cover a vast array of topics designed to stimulate, challenge and inspire. Notable past speakers include Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, Former NSW Governor Dame Marie Bashir AD and CEO & Pastor of the Wayside Chapel, Reverend Graham Long AM.


Hands-on Activities

Leadership can't be taught - it has to be developed from practice. That's why at RYLA we constantly put your leadership skills to the test. We specifically engineer activities that allow you to practice and hone your leadership skills in all kinds of contexts and under different types of pressures.  Many Rylarians find these activities a highlight of their week.


Self Improvement

RYLA is dedicated to empowering you to become the best leader you can be. A huge part of that is developing the skills to self-evaluate and grow as a leader. At RYLA we facilitate this process by giving you the skills and space to reflect on your learning through structured reflection time. This life-skill is one of the take-aways that our candidates consistently report having gained from the program. 

Highlights during the week


Social Activities

Not everything has to be so serious. At the end of our long days at RYLA we like to encourage you to let your hair down and have some fun during evening entertainment. It's a great way to relax and make life-lasting friends. 


Community Service day

Service is a great way to get involved in the community and to help those who are in need. We dedicate a half-day to serving the community in our community service day. It is a great way to loosen-up, enjoy some fresh air with your fellow rylarians and give back to the community. 


Networking Dinner

One of the special nights of RYLA is our Networking dinner. Midway through the program, all rylarians join their sponsoring Rotary club for a formal  3-course meal at a local venue. It is a fantastic way to get to know your sponsoring club a little better, make some useful connections and have a mid-week break.

Other aspects of the program


Group Projects

We think it's important to put leadership in practice right from the beginning. That's why every RYLArian selects a group project to work on during the week. It's entirely up to you ... some people join the newspaper team because of their writing flair, others join the random acts of kindness group because they naturally lift people's spirits. It's up to you!   



Rooms are shared in groups of 4 with private bathroom and shower, assigned and split by gender. Tea, coffee and biscuits freely available. You're encouraged to walk around and explore the vast and beautiful grounds during your free time.

Group of people in a circle at RYLA

Like-minded individuals

One of the benefits of RYLA is an instant network of like-minded individuals in the local community. You will make life-long friends who you can call on for support and help. 

Camp Mum and Dad

Support Network & Mentorship

RYLA is a unique experience filled with many brilliant leaders so make the most of it. The week is grueling, so this is the perfect environment to rely on each other for guidance and support and build a strong support network. Our team of skilled facilitators will be on hand to guide you through the program as well as the unfaltering support of our seasoned Rotary team members. 


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