Key Info

Key dates for RYLA 2019

Registration period

  • July to Sept 2018 : Find and sponsor an applicant
  • July to Sept 2018 : Submit an application – by mail or online
  • Oct 2018: Latest date for submitting an application – by mail or on‐line
  • Nov 2018 : Dinner Registration and Late Applications
  • BEFORE 1 Jan 2019 : Final numbers for Dinner Registration
  • BEFORE 6 Jan 2019 : Confirm transport arrangements with RYLA candidate(s)

During the program

  • 13 Jan 2019 (Sunday) : Transport candidate(s) to RYLA venue
  • 15 Jan 2019 (Tuesday) : RYLA Dinner at Miramare Gardens (TBC)
  • 19 Jan 2019 (Saturday) : Attend closing ceremony. Return candidates from RYLA venue.

After the program

  • Feb 2019 : Invite your candidate(s) to a club meeting to give a short address.

Don't have a candidate by October 31st?

Get in touch with the RYLA district committee chair. Many candidates apply online so it may be possible to match your club up with a candidate.

How to describe RYLA to candidates

silence-greyMany of the activities at RYLA rely on the element of surprise. In order to have the maximum impact it's important to be careful about how much you disclose to the candidate before AND on the drive to the program.

Most importantly : Don't mention ANY of the details of the hands-on activities.

Some tips : 

  • Do describe the program as a mixture of presentations, talks, working as a group and hands-on activities. 
  • Don't mention ANY of the specific details of the hands-on activities
  • Don't repeat the nature of activities that past candidates may described to you
  • Do tell them about the RYLA dinner and closing ceremony (if you wish)
  • Do tell them about the guest speakers. .e.g. Deb Wallace (Police superintendent). 
  • Do tell them about Sergeant's fines, volunteering day, and committees (if you wish)

It is important to remind your fellow club members of the need to be discreet when dropping off the candidates off on sunday AND during the RYLA dinner on tuesday.

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